International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference – schedule

Date: Tuesday 28th April 2015
Venue: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1
Time: 09:00-18:00

Green building, with its focus on a harmonious coexistence with nature, has developed into a major trend in the building industry in recent years. As a clean and sustainable energy, solar power can undoubtedly help buildings go green. Today’s world is witnessing more and more the diversified application of solar energy to green buildings, and the green building industry is actually the most promising future market for distributed PV power generation.

SNEC 2015 International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference is a premier sharing and networking platform for specialists in the fields of solar application and green building. Well-known experts, authorities and architects will attend the event to Conference, interpret the latest government policies, introduce technological advances and achievements, analyze market trends, and share successful practices and experience. They will also discuss and explore issues of common concern, including the opportunities and challenges that the concepts of green building have brought to the transformation and development of architecture design; how buildings can harmoniously coexist with the surrounding environment while finding a balance between aesthetic and the use of renewable energy and green technology; and innovation of solar technology for buildings.

Attendees of the Conference can hear insightful opinions from experts and have the opportunity to interact with them. This Conference will strengthen cooperation between the solar and building industries as well as injecting new vitality and creativity into both.

Download the event schedule.