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Smart Matters, Athens, Greece – 05/09/2013

In a dynamically changing society, what’s the role of Engineers and what’s their social responsibility in relation to the rapid technological developments and the continuous production of new materials? What’s the definition of “smart” materials and how do they tend to change the general perception of sustainable architectural and urban planning? Nowadays, under the conditions of intense economic crisis and acute contradictions in Greece, despite the high quality level of research, the growing obsolescence of science as a competitive advantage leads to reflection on the need to redefine the profession of Engineer.

Taking the “smart” materials as starting points to explore new possibilities, both in architecture and in other fields of science, the new design limits which the latter define, as well as the directions that are needed to be given to this new formalistic and material freedom, will be explored through lectures and presentations.
“Smart ” materials are already contributing significantly to the necessary shift to new modes of production and energy management, while at the same time, abandoning the concept of rigidity, they are exploring new possibilities in terms of plasticity, elasticity, adaptive building envelopes and mobility in general, aiming at creating dynamic, changing over time, parametric fields.

The aim of the conference is primarily to inform engineers, students and citizens, and secondly to create questions and reflection on “smart” materials, as well as on the innovative uses of those affecting drastically, economic issues, matters concerning energy policy and climate change, and sustainability in general.

The event forms a first attempt to create a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration in order to promote productive exchange of knowledge and viewpoints on the topic of smart materials and potential utilization of the latter in various areas.
The main topics of the conference are:
– Smart Materials + new morphologies
– Smart Materials + interdisciplinary collaboration
– Smart Materials + sustainability
– Smart Materials + responsive environments
– Smart Materials + digital information
Magnisali Eva, Architect

– Papalexopoulos Dimitris, Architect, Professor at NTUA, Director of the Department of Architectural Technology
Fintikakis Nikos, Architect, Member of UIA, Director of UIA-ARES
– Magnisali Eva, Architect

With the participation of AUEB Energy and Sustainability Club
In collaboration with the fab lab Athens

Greek Institute of Architecture
Greek Department of UIA