International Architectural Competition – “Innovative Bioclimatic European School complex in Crete – Greece” – SEEH Competition

International Architectural Competition “Innovative Bioclimatic European School complex in Crete – Greece” – SEEH (School of European Education in Heraklion) Competition.

The Competition is organised by the School Buildings Organisation of Greece (SBO) in association with the International Union of Architects (UIA), through its UIA-ARES International Work Programme and aims to elect the optimum design for a bioclimatic and contemporary European school complex in Crete.

Amazing Crete, the southernmost part of the EU, cradle of the European civilisation, with a rich modern history, excellent climatic conditions and a particularly fertile soil and motherland of the world’s healthiest diet, is also the headquarters of ENISA. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) thus contributes -with its’ presence in the city of Heraklion since 2005- to the island’s multicultural character.

Promoting European education in Crete is a major vision for SBO. A European school section is already operating in Heraklion and serving ENISA. Through this architectural competition this “section” will become a proper European school. The plot has been identified and reserved for that purpose on the premises of the University of Crete in Voutes, Heraklion.

Our vision is to build a state of the art innovative school building reflecting the multicultural character of its students, providing the optimum educational environment and last but not least integrating an energy efficient conceptual design and the use of renewable energy sources.

Open to all licensed architects worldwide, this competition starts on 23 April 2012. The competition will run in one phase and selection will be finalised in December 2012. The Jury consists of 9 members:

Elissavet Aplakidou, architect, Greece – representing SBO (substitute: Dionysia Kopana, architect, Greece)
Ben Nakamura, architect, Japan – representing UIA (substitute: Jure Kotnik, architect, Slovenia)
Nikos Fintikakis, architect, Greece – representing the Technical Chamber of Greece (substitute: Damianos Abakoumkin, architect, Greece)
Professor Eleni Mantziou, architect, Greece – representing the National Technical University of Athens (substitute: Professor Eleni Alexandrou, architect, Greece)
Olga Pappa, architect, Greece – representing the Greek Association of Architects (substitute: Vasileia Metallinou, architect, Greece)
Alastair Blyth, architect, UK – representing OECD/CELE (substitute: Richard Yelland)
Angela Brady, architect, UK – President of RIBA (substitute: Owen O’Carroll, architect, UK)
Professor Peter Droege, architect, Australia (substitute: TBD)
Professor Francoise-Helene Jourda, architect, France (substitute: TBD)


The competition will be in compliance with the UNESCO-UIA rules. UIA will certify that the International Competition is launched and carried out according to the UNESCO-UIA international competitions and town planning regulations, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference.

The prize pool is €70 000. First prize winner will receive €30 000 as well as the exclusive right to design the project (detailed design stage). The second Prize will receive €20 000; the third prize €10 000; and two honourable mentions will receive €5 000 each. Total estimated budget for the construction of the school is €8m.


For more information visit the competition’s website: