Book Publication: Disasters Otherwhere

With contributions by:
-Research Lab L.A.C.A. (responsible: Nicoletta Trasi) – Departement of Architettura e Progetto (DIAP) Sapienza
University of Rome
-Research Lab LA.P.A.T. (responsible: Roberta Lucente) – Departement of Civil Engineering-
WUniversity of Calabria

With endorsement of International Union of Architects, UIA and under the auspices of UIA-ARES international work
program Architecture & Renewable Energy Sources

Edited by: Nicoletta Trasi, Roberta Lucente

With texts by:
Maria Teresa Cutrì (architect and PhD- Rome, Italy)
Nikos Fintikakis (architect and director UIA-ARES WP- Athens GR)
Roberta Lucente (professor University of Calabria, Cosenza, Italy)
Maria Luigia Micalella (architect and PhD -Rome, Italy)
Antonio Riverso (architect and Honorary Vice President of UIA ARES WP, Past UIA VP R1, Italy)
Nicoletta Trasi (professor Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
Fani Vavili (professor AUTh, Thessaloniki and UIA Greek Section President)

And PhD students:Matteo Baldissara, Enrica Corvino, Lelio di Loreto, Carlos Mazariegos, Mickeal Milocco, Marta Montori, Valerio Perna, Teodora Maria Matilda Piccinno, Andrea Valeriani.

UIA ARES International Event CD-ROM:
May 2010 – Athens: “Renewable Energy Sources, an Architectural Design-Lab for the Climate Change in the five Continents”.

The international event was co-organised by UIA ARES Int. WP, UIA Hellenic Section, the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Design-Lab Sow and took place in Athens on the 8th of May 2010.
The open speech was held by Member of European Parliament -Vice President of ITRE Committee, Mrs. Podimata A..
The following Architects participated in the round tables: Dubler A., UIA Vice President, Region I, Yingxing Z., Prof. China, Del Rio J., Prof. Chile, Remisov A. Architect, Russia, Turki A., Architect, Tunisia, Sartogo F. , Architect, Eurosolar President Italy, Szeker L., Architect, Hungary

and the following Experts: Alavanos Y., President of TCG, Zerefos Ch., Prof. Physicist, Member of the Athens Academy, Santamouris M., Prof. Physicist, N.T.U.A., Buttera F., Prof. Physicist, Milano, Panas E., Prof. Economist, Univ. Athens, Constantopoulos N., Lawyer. Coordination of the round tables : Fintikakis N., Architect, Director of UIA-ARES

This CD-ROM contains the presentations and speeches of the event. It can be purchased by the Techical Chamber of Greece – Department of International Relations.
(This cd-rom publication was fully sponsored by the Mariolopoulos-Kanaginis Foundation for the Environmnetal Sciences.)

Book Publication:
The environmental imagination – Technics and poetics of the architectural environment, By Dean Hawkes, Routledge
Editions website:

ABER Book Publication:
Advances in Building Energy Research, editor M. Santamouris, EARTHSCAN
Editions website:

Advances in Passive Cooling, editor M. Santamouris, EARTHSCAN
Editions website

CD-ROM under the theme:
“Ares” International Exhibition in Uia Istanbul Congress

CD-ROM under the theme:
“Ares” International Architectural Competition “Renewable Energy Sources & Bioclimatic Architecture For Shells To Shelter People Affected By Natural Disasters

UIA ARES WP International Architectural Competition “Renewable Energy Sources & Bioclimatic Architecture For Shells To Shelter People Affected By Natural Disasters” The Projects – The Awards – The Competition Theme. The book will be available for sale at the 23rd UIA World Congress of Architecture