October 2012 – UIA Council Meeting, Strasbourg – Motion Against Unemployment – Towards Job Opportunities

For “one” time the Council has put in the table the “Unemployment of Young Architects and Job Opportunities”.
Motion prepared by Nikos Fintikakis – Council Member Region II & UIA-ARES director and supported/presented by Antonio R. Riverso – Vice President Region I.

The Council has voted unanimously!


Motion Against Unemployment – Towards Job Opportunities

The financial and social crisis is still depending on the dubious initiatives of international funds and creditors. Political formation and coalitions are not yet engaged in decisive policies against the problem.

All over the World people are more and more reaching an inevitable edge. Thus, the phantom of Unemployment is overflying a vast percentage of several professional branches of societies.

Architects are one professional community, whom the World financial crisis hit from the very early days -and in a very brutal way-, leaving jobless thousands of colleagues throughout the five continents.

The UIA-ARES International Program initiates a developing process, which will help directly the unemployed and discouraged architects. The team of UIA-ARES WP decoded very early the symptoms of upcoming unemployment in architect’s community and experienced dramatically the current job crisis. Having collaborated with ILO – International Labor Organization and European Commission through the unlock of the New Required Skills for Green Jobs for the Future, ARES WP is lining up for the creation of a digital hub of information, through UIA official website, UIA WPs official websites and linked relevant Organizations and Platforms, such as EU-CORDIS, ILO, UN-Habitat etc., where job opportunities and career options will be directly reached by unemployed architects.

A vast digital bureau of job inquiry will be constantly updated and available, serving disengaged, from their science and profession, colleagues.

UIA must bring up new tools and information towards new jobs creation possibilities, in order to re-establish the sense of mobility of Architectural ideas and encouraging Architects towards their leading role for the design of new proposals, for new green and environmental friendly cities.

The action plan presents 4 major tasks and duties:

  1. Listing of major websites and platforms where job announcements and options for architects are introduced and published.
  2. Creation of special field in UIAs official websites where all this data and information will be available through quick links and related topics in a single hub one-click only.
  3. Briefing all architectural associations and professional chambers of UIA Europe to be linked with and include this hub in their mailing lists when job opportunities appear.
  4. Preparation of 2 annual indexes/reports with potential results of the initiative and publication in UIA proper channels

Motion prepared by: Nikos Fintikakis, Council Member Region II, UIA-ARES director

Motion supported and presented by: Antonio R Riverso,  Vice President Region I