Motion against the Disaster of Human being because of Wars was presented in the General Assembly in Durban on10 August 2014



Gathered in Durban on the occasion of the World Congress of Architects, we express extreme concern over the wars and armed conflicts that have become nearly permanent conditions in various parts of our globe. They place human lives, societies, built and natural environment and and the peace of the entire planet at risk, often with results that are far worse than those caused by any natural disaster.

Besides the loss of human lives (first of all the children that didn’t ask for the war), there is also the destruction of economic activities and that of built environment.
Who will take the cost to rebuilt houses, schools, Hospitals, infrastructures in a fragile economy?
How many years people need to re-have morally and physically what the bomb have cancelled?

As any ceasefire ends, the misery resumes!

No city anywhere in the world can exist in health and wellbeing if wars elsewhere in the world continue to produce death, injury, destruction, sorrow, anguish and refugees. We call upon the political and economic powers of our respective countries to do everything possible to bring an end to the destruction of human lives and property through occupation, war and armed conflict.

Only without war and armed conflict can we advance the ideal of a planet of peace, a world in which we act to improve the quality of built and natural environment and where we contribute, as architects, to the construction of healthy and prosperous communities.

Presented by
Antonio R Riverso
Vice President R1