Competition theme: Renewable Energy Sources & Bioclimatic Architecture for Shells to shelter People affected by Natural Disasters.


The Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) and the UIA International Work Programme on Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources (ARES) organized an international ideas competition for the period 2006 – 2008 that invited architects to develop new construction methods and practices for efficient shells and settlement units that will satisfy the urgent housing needs engendered by different geographic, topographic, ecological, social, or political crises.

Architects from around the world were invited to submit viable solutions for inhabitants that can be set up quickly and economically, and respect the environment and natural resources.

The goal of the competition was to collect innovative ideas and examples of bioclimatic shelter typologies that utilize renewable energy sources and can be exploited in different locations, climates, and cultures. Propositions should seek to generate, on the short and medium term, a vast urban and social restructuring.

That is a major challenge for the international community in our time, as in the past two decades more than 200 million people are affected every year by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, droughts, wildfires, tropical cyclones and associated storm surges, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, causing the loss of human lives and the destruction of economic and social infrastructures, as also serious damage to natural ecosystems.

A total of 70 000 Euro was awarded to the winners. The eleven-member, international jury awarded three prizes of 20 000, 15 000, and 10 000 Euro, five honorable mentions of 5 000 Euro each and two special mentions without remunaration.

Images from the winning projects as well from all the participation are available here:

Winning projects

Participating projects:  Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

National Organising & Scientific Committee

Batsou Vivi – Architect, Technical Chamber of Greece Assembly Presidium
Belavilas Nikos – Architect, Professor at the National Technical University of Athens
Dagli Korina – Architect, Technical Chamber of Greece Architect’s Scientific Committee
Georgakopoulos Panayiotis – Architect, President of the Greek Association of Architects(SADAS-PEA)
Gazetas Yiorgos – Civil Engineer, Professor at the National Technical University of Athens and President of “ETAM”
Kremalis Kostas – Chemical Engineer, Technical Chamber of Greece Executive Committee
Polyzos Yiannis – Architect, Vice-Rector of the National Technical University of Athens
Santamouris Mattheos – Physicist, Professor at the University of Athens
Siola Liza – Architect, President of UIA Greek Section and UIA Council member
Vagelatou Olympia – Civil Engineer, General Secretary of “ETAM”
Fintikakis Nikos – Architect, Director of UIA “ARES” Work Programme, responsible for the competition

The international Jury

Farrando Jordi     Architect, UIA Secretary General, Spain
Ius Giancarlo     Architect, President of UIA Region I, Italy
Tochtermann Wolf     Architect, Director of UIA Commission on International Competitions, Germany
Hegger Manfred     Architect, Co-Director of UIA Work Programme on Sustainable Architecture (Region I), Germany
Patkau Patricia,     Architect, Professor in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia, Canada
Mutiso Reuben     Architect, Former UIA Council member & Vice President, Kenya
Komut Emine     Architect, former director of UIA Work Programme on Urban Settlemets and National or Other Disasters, Turkey
Fintikakis Nikos     Architect, Director of UIA-ARES Work Programme, Greece
Siola Lisa     Architect, President of UIA Greek Sectionand UIA Council member, Greece
Belavilas Nikos     Architect, Professor of National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Georgakopoulos Panayiotis     Architect, President of the Greek Association of Architects, Greece(SADAS-PEA).

Technical Committee

Margarita Karavasili, Architect d.p.l.g., Planner, ex. General Environmental Inspector, Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works, is the responsible person of the Technical Committee,
Kyriakos Pipinis, Architect, Member of the Greek Section of UIA,
Terpsy Kremali, Architect – Landscape Architect
Varvara Savvidi, Secretarial support
Aris Ktoridis, Web Developer, Technical Support