Building AdVent


In February 2007 the Building Advent project has started. The main objective of this project is to support a reduction in the energy required to deliver ventilation effectively in non-domestic buildings. Information on the project can be found in the website:

Within the frames of this project, 18 buildings which include sustainable building ventilation strategies will be measured and analysed.

The main contribution of this action is to present the potential in energy savings in the area of the building ventilation.

Actions so far realised:

  • Kick off meeting in London, UK at Buro Happold(10-11 May 2007)
  • Project meeting in the island of Crete, Greece (30th September 2007)
  • Issue of the 1st Building Advent Newsletter, also available in the project website.
  • Presentation of the Building Advent project in the 2nd PALENC Conference and 28th AIVC Conference by the project coordinator, Andrew Cripps (Buro Happold)
  • Final draft of the WP2 report “Classification of the ventilation technologies and list of buildings with energy efficient ventilation technologies in Europe” is prepared and available in the project website.