Book Publication: Advances in Building Energy Research

Design, construction and monitoring of a near-zero energy laboratory building in Cyprus

The paper presents the architectural, engineering and energy design of a laboratory building located in Cyprus. The building is designed to meet near-zero energy consumption criteria using advanced energy conservation measures, smart energy management and solar thermal and photovoltaic systems to cover the remaining energy load. The energy conservation techniques used result in reduced energy consumption of the building by almost 70% compared with a conventional building, while almost 27% of the remaining heating-, cooling- and lighting load is covered by photovoltaics. A concentrating solar thermal system for cooling and heating is being installed to cover the remainder of the load.

DOI:  10.1080/17512549.2015.1014837
C. Papanicolasa, M. A. Langea, N. Fylaktosa, Alaric Montenona, G. Kalourisa, N. Fintikakisb, M. Fintikakib, D. Kolokotsac, K. Tsirbasd, C. Pavloue, K. Vasilakopouloue & M. Santamouris.

Received: 24 Apr 2014
Accepted: 28 Jun 2014
Published online: 25 Feb 2015

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