2009 news

March 2009 MEDIBAT – Tunisia

The Board of Architects of Tunisia together with the Chamber of Commerce of
Sfax, TUNISIA organize a special session entitled “Architecture and Renewable Sources towards Climate Change” and a UIA-ARES member’s meeting at the forum that will take place at the occasion of the venue of “MEDIBAT” construction exhibition fair from 4-7 March 2009 (web site: www.oat-architectes.org)

April 2009 – UIA ARES Work Programme welcomes a new permanent member, Mrs. Nataliya Popova, architect, member of the Union of the Architects in Bulgaria (UAB), member  and co-founder of the International Solar Energy Society Bulgaria (ISES Bg).  Mrs. Nataliya Popova CV E-mail: n_popova@hotmail.com

May 2009 – International Conference, NEXT BUILDING – Advances in Next-Generation Building Technologies & Design. Verona Fair, Italy – May 7.
UIA-ARES Participation, Director N. Fintikakis lecture and members meeting.
Keynote speakers: Federico Butera, Mario Cucinella, Nikos Fintikakis, Thomas Herzog, Matheos Santamouris, Carlo Puri Negri. http://www.next-building.com

May 2009UIA-ARES established a new permanent scientific and architectural collaboration and link with the EUROSOLAR ITALIA organization.
The website of EUROSOLAR ITALIA is www.eurosolaritalia.org
President of EUROSOLAR ITALIA is Architect Francesca Sartogo and she is  a member –  friend of ARES.

May 2009UIA ARES Work Programme welcomes a new permanent member, Mrs. Paola Molina, architect, from Chile.
mail: molinaoryan@gmail.com
website: www.colegioarquitectos.com

June 2009 Conference: “Environmental and Energy Upgrading of the Building Environment in the Cyclades”. Paros island, 20th June. Mr Fintikakis, director of the wp will give a lecture under the theme: “Bioclimatic Architecture in the Cyclades and the International Experience”

July 2009 UIA ARES Work Programme welcomes a new permanent member, Mr. Alexander N. Remizov, architect, member of the The Union of Architects of Russia (UAR) and member of the Russian Section of the UIA. re.mi@mail.ru

September 2009WORKSHOP ON PHOTOVOLTAIC INTEGRATION IN BUILDINGS – 20 September 2009 – Hamburg (Germany)

October 2009SUNRISE FORUM ON PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY – 22 October 2009 – Brussels

November 2009Architects and BIPV: During the final forum of the PV SUNRISE project, SolarPV.TV interviewed Mr. Nikos Fintikakis, Director of ARES international work programme on Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources of the International Union of Architects, senior partner of SINTHEISIS & RESEARCH, in the video Architects should learn about BIPV at: http://tinyurl.com/ybee4go

November 2009ZeroCO2 – Sustainable Architecture Conference – Budapest, Hungary

November 2009Μrs. Ye Qing, Chinese Member of UIA-ARES and President of IBR, in the frame of the celebration of the 60 years of BIAD in Beijing has been awarded on October 29, 2009 for the total saving energy architectural design of the new Green Offices Building of IBR in Shenzhen.