2007-08 News

  • June, July 2008 – Torino, Italy
    Joint sessions and presentations of the UIA ARES WP and the  UIA Hellenic National Section at the UIA 23rd Congress – July 2008 – Torino, Italy.
  • 29 – 31 May 2008 – Volos, Greece
    International Conference under the theme “Intermediate Cities and Environmental Planning”
    Co-organized by the TCG, the Hellenic Section of UIA and two UIA Work Ps.ARES WP and CIMES WP,
    The president of the UIA Hellenic section Lisa Siola, the director of ARES WP Nikos Fintikakis and the director of Intermediate Cities and World Urbanization – CIMES  WP JOSEP MARIA LLOP TORNE will participate as speakers.
    More Information
  • May 2008 – Shenzhen, P.R. China
    Chinese and International Conference on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources in Urban Areas Architecture
    Nikos Fintikakis and Ye Qing will be keynote speakers. More information
  • April 2008 – Athens, Greece – International Architectural Conference
    AIA Continental Europe “Athens: Ecology + Environment + Architecture” – Athens, Greece (Supported UIA ARES WP)
    Nikos Fintikakis UIA ARES WP Director and Lisa Siola, President of the UIA Hellenic Section will participate as speakers.
    Athens – Zappeion 10 – 13 April
  • January 2008,Vicenza, Italy
    2nd Regional Congress of Veneto Architects with subject : “Competenza e Competitivita” – Federazione Regionale degli Ordini degli Architetti del Veneto (F.O.A.V.)- on 25-26 January 2008 in Vicenza, Italy.
    Nikos Fintikakis UIA-ARES WP Director took part at the round table discussion.
  • December 2007, Athens
    UMAR – Solarbuild “Integration of solar technologies into buildings in Mediterranian communities”.
    Nikos Fintikakis UIA-ARES WP Director took part at the round table discussion about “Opportunities for Future Cooperation”.
  • Exhibition of all ARES competition projects. 11 – 15 January 2008 at the Exhibition hall, Syntagma metro station.
    Award Ceremony and Exhibition of the awarded projects will follow at the 23rd UIA World Architects’ Congress, Torino – Italy in June.
  • Emine Komut, jury member of the Ares competition presented the results of the competiton on the following events:
    + Ιnternational Earthquake Symposium Kocaeli 2007, 22-24 October 2007
    organised by Koceli University
    Post Disaster Shelter by Emine Komut
    + Workshop Post Disaster Housing & Settlement: Issues within Temporary Housing, 18-22 October 2007 Izmir
    Information about the competition were also published in:
    +Mimarlik Arredamento Magazine 2007/11 issue pg.12
    +Mimarlik Magazine November 2007 issue pg.9 (Chamber of Architects of Turkey)
    +Bulten No:55 November/December issue (Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch)
    web sites: www.mo.org.tr, www.arkitera.com, www.mimarlarodasiankara.org
  • UIA ARES Work Programme welcomes a new corresponding member, Mr. Peter Droege. He is appointed with a recommendation letter from Louise Cox  AM UIA First Vice President and UIA Vice President Region IV Asia and Oceania.Mr. Peter Droege CV: http://epolis.com.au/P_D.htm E-mail: Peter.Droege@newcastle.edu.au
  • UIA ARES Work Programme welcomes a new member, Mr. Lindsay Johnston.
    He is appointed from the RAIA (Royal Australian Institute of Architects) with a recommendation letter from Louise Cox  AM UIA First Vice President and UIA Vice President Region IV Asia and Oceania.
    Mr. Lindsay Johnston is member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

    Mr. Lindsay Johnston CV : http://www.rivertime.org/lindsay/
    E-mail : lindsay@rivertime.org
    Website : http://www.rivertime.org
    RAIA web site : http://www.architecture.com.au

  • October 2007, Budapest
    On 17th of October, UIA-ARES Director Mr. Nikos Fintikakis will give a lecture at the international symposium “Architecture Now! (Renewable energy sources in the built environment)” organised by the UIA Hungarian Section with the participation of the UIA-ARES International Work Group. www.zeroco2.hu Final report is now available
  • September 2007, ARES AT ECOARQ
    Architects of Chile will organise a conference on energy efficiency in architecture and solar energy: ECOARQ 2007. This second conference on energy is held within the framework of the association’s commmittee on technology and is supported by the UIA. A state of the world’s energy situation, and that of Chile will be drawn up, along with a national energy performance plan and list of solar energy solutions that could help to resolve the current crisis. On 25 September 2007, Nikos Fintikakis will give a video conference as part of the symposium on energy efficiency in architecture and solar energy organised by the Association of Architects of Chile.
  • May 2007, UIA ARES member Dean Hawks will publish a new book titled “The Enviromental Imagination” in June, available for order.
  • April 2007, UIA ARES member Thanos Stasinopoulos presented a lecture titled “Towards a hangover architecture – Sustainable design in the post-consumerist future”, Lebanon, www.oikotekton.net
  • UIA ARES Work Programme welcomes a new member, Mr.Laszlo Szeker.
    He is appointed from the MESZ (Association of Hungarian Architects) with a recommendation letter from the President of MESZ Mr. Erno Kalman DLA.
    Mr. Laszlo Szeker is member of the Association of Hungarian Architects.
    Mr. Laszlo Szeker CV
    E-mail : szeker@ivkft.hu
    Website :
    MESZ web site : www.meszorg.hu / meszorg@axelero.hu